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Translation is defined as the act of replacing an oral or written source-language text with lexical, grammatical and stylistic equivalents of the target language.

You might have dozed off while reading this definition. Because, unlike dead letters on paper, language is alive, constantly changing and hiding many unwritten rules and expressions rooted in the culture itself. We don’t jump to conclusions when it comes to language – we dive into it and contemplate. We want our translations to be alive as well.

Non-certified translations

We create reliable translations, translations that we can get behind. Even though we like to think of ourselves as jacks-of-all-trades who are able to translate the clafoutis recipe in a way that it works out every single time and know exactly what panel saws, forging and casting tools are used for, terminology can sometimes be a real stranger in the night, even for us. However, when we are faced with these issues, we don’t tend to make a run for it screaming through a dark alley – we bravely try to tackle the unknown and contact the experts in that specific area. We have never met a stranger who we were not able to expose.

Certified translations

You will seek the services of a court interpreter if you are in need of certified translations of documents required by various institutions. Due to the fact that a permanently appointed court interpreter issues a certified translation of a document that it is true to the original, it is necessary to provide (via e-mail or in person) the original document or its scanned version. Papel guarantees strict confidentiality when it comes to all translations.

Oral interpretations

Despite the issues of social distancing and difficult border-crossing, you can still present your products and services to international clients, hold meetings, conferences or even an annual assembly of your company with the help of our online platform which, in addition to the services of remote simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in 30 world languages at the same time, also offers the possibility of remote digital voting for the needs of the electoral assemblies of the companies! Our interpreters are working in controlled and soundproof requirements, in interpretation booths located at the interpretation hub, in accordance with all public health and safety measures. The entire process of transmission of sound from the interpretation booths to your headphones, which may be located on the other side of Croatia or even the globe, is supervised by our sound technicians in order to make sure that every single second of your event goes smoothly.

But if you still do not need this kind of remote spectacle, you might be interested in other services that we have in our offer:

a) Simultaneous interpreting intended for presentations with a large number of guests, where interpreters work in soundproof booths and interpret simultaneously with the speaker. Due to the fact that this is an extremely demanding and challenging task, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs and take turns interpreting every 15 to 20 minutes. In accordance with the professional standards, two interpreters should be hired for each engagement longer than 60 minutes.

b) Consecutive interpreting intended for a smaller number of people, in which interpreters do not use any technical equipment, but they interpret the speaker’s presentation segment by segment, while the speaker makes pauses in their speech (due to this, one should take into account that this kind of event shall last twice as long as the simultaneous interpreting event).

c) Whispered interpreting or chuchotage intended for one client during round-table discussions, short seminars or business negotiations. The interpreter sits next to the person in need of interpretation services and simultaneously interprets the presentations, without any equipment and by whispering, so as not to disturb the other participants in the meeting.

Medical translations

Translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts is a highly specialized discipline and therefore it is imperative for this task to be carried out by experienced and qualified translators.

Precision and accuracy of the translated text are crucial for the safety of the patient and they are the most important segments when it comes to communication between medical teams and clear understanding of the given instructions. Our expertise in the translation of medical texts is backed up with our cooperation with experts from different medical fields.

We provide reliable and consistent translations and documentation proofreading services to manufacturers of medicinal products and devices, medical and dental polyclinics and companies for distribution, support and service of medical equipment. Thanks to our 15 years’ experience in this field, we provide translation solutions focused on the unique needs of the aforementioned clients. We have the necessary flexibility and capacity to adapt to a specific situation, whether it be a text that includes regional MAA procedures, clinical trials, or simply a situation of offering additional support for faster and more cost-effective procedures for submitting critical documentation in accordance with the needs and regulatory requirements.

Proofreading, copyediting and text editing

Proofreading, in Croatian or a foreign language, implies linguistic correction of errors related to semantics, spelling, grammar and syntax.

Proofreading is the process of ensuring that the text is free from any accidental typographical errors (such as a misspelled word) or any errors in punctuation or the like – we don’t let anything fly beneath our radar. At the client's request, after the completion of proofreading and copyediting, we issue a proofreading and copyediting certificate – for all those doubting Thomases out there who will be reviewing your doctoral dissertation.

Whenever there is a need of greater interventions in the text, we cooperate closely with its author, pointing out the incomprehensibility or vagueness of a certain passage or suggesting better and simpler solutions. Because Dickensian-style sentences are not particularly popular these days (Did you know that Oliver Twist starts with a 98-word long sentence?). Neither is the stream of consciousness. Even a haiku must be well-worded to convey a message.


Transcription involves repeated listening of an audio file and writing down speech. When a client requires a transcript of texts from audio or video files and their translation into foreign languages, most often for the purpose of subtitling, a professional translator carefully listens to the text and simultaneously translates it into the target language.

This type of translation is extremely demanding because upon listening the recorded text, the speaker often omits pauses in their speech, they can often be difficult to comprehend and the sound can be of a poor quality. Therefore, it is important for this task to be carried out by a translator who knows the language extremely well (both their native tongue and the foreign language), and who is well acquainted with the colloquialisms or jargon in that specific language. This kind of translation involves a complex and demanding procedure because it often takes up to ten times of listening to the tape in order to complete just one minute of the transcript.

Text writing, content creation

Even to us, who juggle words on a day-to-day basis, the agonies that Tantalus had to go through become perfectly understandable. The desirable goal, that perfect sentence, is often just out of our reach.

The thought, the idea and the message are here, but how to transform them into words and present them to the readers? Is your goal to promote and encourage sales or you want a more extensive text, with more content and beautiful images?

Luckily enough, we are able to resolve the tragic fate of the unfortunate son of Zeus. We manage to unravel the sentences, add certain segments to them, create a perfect composition, forge new ones, invert them and transfer them from one place to another to fit a certain sentence structure, all along leaving a written trace on this path full of thorns. If Tantalus only knew us back then...

Text reading, pronunciation or singing

In addition to writing words and texts, we can also convey your message by reading it, pronouncing it in front of an audience, and even by singing!

When it comes to radio or television commercials with new, fresh voices, moderating various events, reading poetry or literary passages, synchronizing or recording songs, we bring together a small army of professional actors and journalists, who are quick-witted and skilled and possess a strong set of vocal cords. They will make sure to convey your message in a clear and understandable way, with an emotion and presentation of your choice.


Neki od radionica zaziru. Što i nije čudno jer, ako su loše osmišljene, mogu biti ogroman gubitak vremena i novca. No dobro isplanirana radionica može biti iznimno vrijedna za sve sudionike.

Osim za stjecanje novog znanja, izvrsne su za brainstorming, interaktivno učenje, izgradnju odnosa i rješavanje problema.

Kroativni nered

Ponekad nam i vlastiti jezik zna zadati pravu glavobolju. Za liječenje takve vrste migrene pridružite nam se na ovom sažetom putovanju s kojeg ćete se vratiti obogaćeni pismenošću. Nećemo vas gnjaviti zamršenim jezičnim pitanjima, nego vam pomoći da savladate osnovno pa da idući put taj dopis napišete od šuba, na besprijekornom hrvatskom. Gdje ste bili 2020e ili 2020., s ili sa čašom vina u ruci, deblji 10-ak ili 10-tak kila, u lockdownu ili lockdown-u? Ako je u vašoj glavi, dok ste ovo čitali, nastao pravi mali kroativni nered, onda je ova radionica pravi odabir za vas.

Poslovna komunikacija

Kada zazvoni telefon, a s druge je strane vaš poslovni partner koji ne zna ni riječ hrvatskog, ne trebate bježati u uredsku kuhinju ili se skrivati pod stolom, jer ćete uz našu pomoć naučiti korisne fraze zahvaljujući kojima ćete glatko voditi telefonske razgovore. Jednako tako, s nama možete naučiti kako suvereno sudjelovati na sastancima, voditi pisanu korespondenciju ili održati prezentaciju na stranom jeziku.

Krizno komuniciranje

Iako živimo u vremenu kontinuirane krize, u kojoj katkad poželimo glavu zabiti u pijesak ili bijesno toptati nogama, znamo li što sve može predstavljati krizu u poslovnom svijetu i zašto je u njoj potrebno komunicirati drugačije? Krizna situacija, ako se u njoj ne postupa na odgovarajući način, može narušiti ugled tvrtke. O tome tko, kada, kako i s kim komunicira u kriznim situacijama, kako se za njih pripremiti i iz njih izići sa što manje negativnih posljedica saznajte od dugogodišnjih komunikacijskih stručnjaka na našim radionicama.

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