Words are a form of visual art. Because, in our mind, words create images (even though they might come in the form of a birth certificate or excerpt from the court register).

Words can even create music (because a sentence has its own rhythm, a melody and it must sound good).

The fact that our total average age is 31.25 years (we get by thanks to the young members of our crew), that our average shoe size is 37.5, that we have been established 5721 days ago (put down your calculators, our 16th birthday is coming up really soon), we adore essential oil diffusers and watching the clouds roll by through our office window, is not really all that important.

What is important is the fact that we are wordsmiths. We may be small, but we are mighty when it comes to words.

In our joint project, we tend to be your associate more than your mere resource. For this reason, we carefully study the given topic and its corresponding terminology, listen to your exact wishes and ask a lot of questions until we solve any issues or dilemmas. We are not interested in the plain performance of the task that lies ahead of us. We want a shared vision (basically, we want to become your new BFF).

This eloquent orchestra is conducted by Martina Batinica, who is a professor of French and Spanish language and literature, a court interpreter for French, Spanish and English and a translator with more than 30 translated titles in the fields of literature, history, science, medicine and culinary arts for various publishing houses.

Papel d.o.o.
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Zagreb (Grad Zagreb)