Uncertified translations

Translations that are not certified by a court appointed interpreter include all sorts of texts that do not require legal sufficiency guaranteed by the certificate of a court appointed interpreter.

We strive to have translations done by native speakers of the target language, i.e. individuals who have spent a significant part of their professional or private lives in the country in question. The reason for that is clear – a language is alive; it is constantly changing and hiding many unwritten rules and phrases rooted in the very culture. All the education, literature and reading cannot replace what the French call “language immersion” (bain de langue), i.e. total immersion into the language. But the story does not end there...

More than the knowledge of language

Sometimes the nature of a text calls for more than the translator's knowledge. In such cases, we collaborate with translators who have experience with the subject-matter or we consult experts from the required field because our goal is to have someone to “stand behind” our translations at all times and for our final product to be a top quality translation.