Medical translation

Reliable medical translations

Medicine is a universal science, but language is not. It is impossible to create a complete translation which conveys the universal meaning of the original medical text without comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology, as well as proper and exact terms.

Translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts is a highly specialized discipline which must be assigned to a qualified translator. Aside from being one of the hardest types of translations, medical translation is also a field in which the precision and accuracy of the translated text are crucial for the safety of the patient, considering that his or her treatment greatly depends on clear and intelligible communication. Therefore, a correct translation is the main segment necessary for establishing communication between medical teams, for clear understanding of instructions and, in the end, protection of the patient's safety.

We back our expertise in medical translations through cooperation with experts from different medical specialties.

To manufacturers of medical devices or medicinal products, who wish to enter new international markets, we offer accurate translations of the documentation regarding their products. Our expert translators and collaborators approach each translation with great care, which simplifies the foreign market penetration.

We offer translation of medical documentation (medical history, medical reports,  discharge summary, etc.), medical records, reports on clinical studies, instructions for use of medical devices,  research documentation, product registration documentation,  product specifications and materials for marketing communication, insurance claims and many other documents that involve medical terminology.

Our expert associates:

Zrinka Biloglav, MD, PhD, epidemiology specialist
Prof. Stipe Batinica, MD, PhD, general and pediatric surgery specialist
Dunja Penavin Kolarić, MD, neurology specialist
Marko Batinica, MD, radiology specialist
KrunoslavaVrsalović, MD, infectology specialist
Anita Grgurević-Batinica, MD, M. Sc., cytology specialist
Lada Zibar, docent PhD, internist nephrology specialist