Certified translations

You will require the services of a court appointed interpreter if you need a certified written translation of a document required by different public institutions (Ministry of the Interior, other ministries, register office, universities, etc.).
Certified translations are legally sufficient and identical to the original, which is guaranteed by the court appointed interpreter's certificate for the specific language.
A court appointed interpreter is the only person who can issue a certified translation of a document, with a guarantee that it is identical to the original. Therefore, for a certified translation it is necessary to deliver the original or a certified copy of the document. The service of a court appointed interpreter implies the translation and certification of the translated document with the stamp of a court appointed interpreter.
The pages of the document can be written in various font sizes and with different spacing and can contain different amounts of text, therefore the unit used in the calculation of prices is one standard page (1450 characters with spaces).

Certified translations
Some of the personal documents that require certified translation are: birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, transcript of records, payslip, certificate of residence, certificate of no criminal conviction, residence permit, work permit, bank statements, tax inspection report, employment contract, power of attorney, etc. We also offer translations of legal and court documents (cooperation agreements, actions, decisions rulings, records, regulations, preambles, etc.), translations of technical documentation (which is especially important for receiving the attestation from government bodies), translations of medical and pharmaceutical documentation, other specialized texts, records, certificates, resolutions, etc.
The handing in of documents and their delivery can be arranged in the manner most suitable for the client.
PAPEL guarantees confidentiality for all of its translations.