A few words about us

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We are small but we are big. We understand that today’s market offers a vast choice of translating and proofreading/editing services. However, we are certain that our experience and reputation make us an excellent choice for all your linguistic questions. Owing to the fact that we are a small company, we do not view the client as merely a number - we put great effort into recognizing the needs and demands of our clients, while delivering services tailored to individual needs.

Our job is to overcome the differences in languages. Our additional value is the personal touch we put into every translation.

The Papel team is composed of translators from all European countries. Year after year, we put great effort into building a company that offers great service and speed without detriment to quality, in other words – top quality translation. Our team has the knowledge, not only of the language in question, but also the culture behind it.

With us, your document is in safe hands, and we offer the option of signing a confidentiality agreement at any time.